Bioaktive saddles collection

Commutes to work, cycles with friends, and e-bike rides through the city have never been so comfortable. Our Bioaktive saddles are purpose-built to make you fall in love with cycling. Using our incredible experience and latest technologies, the Sportive, Trekking, and City saddles will have you riding for longer than ever.


Find a saddle that works just as well on the daily commute and weekend group ride with our Sportive range. Gel supports keep things comfortable and the option of an Open-Fit cut-out lets you find the perfect match. Made for e-bike riders, our range of Trekking saddles comes with plenty of cushioning and a wide fit. And who says adventures can't take place in the city? Head off on your next urban escape on our City saddle. The extra-wide design and choice of gel supports will have you dreaming about riding your bike.