Gravel & Bikepacking

Gravel & Bikepacking saddles collection

Keep your off-road adventures going and going with a gravel and bikepacking saddle from our Shortfit, Aspide, and Allroad ranges.


Record-hunting riders wanting to crush the gravel as quickly as possible go for our aggressive Shortfit 2.0 saddles that hold you in the most performance-focused position imaginable. These short-length designs are combined with glass fiber and carbon fiber reinforced shells as well as lightweight rails to keep the weight low. Exploring takes us to all types of terrain, down gravel paths, asphalt streets, and rocky fire roads, that's where the Aspide comes in. By finding the balance between support and flexibility these bikepacking saddles are ultra-adaptable. Sometimes we find ourselves on rougher roads than we planned and that's where the Allroad saddles come in. Taking inspiration from the Aspide design, but adding padding, gel, and a splash of colour, this range of gravel saddles brings stability and comfort on every adventure.