Selle San Marco guarantees its products against material and/or manufacturing defects for twenty-four (24) months from the date of purchase, with the exception of consumable parts or parts subject to deterioration: the tax receipt issued by the authorised dealer constitutes proof of purchase. The defective product can be repaired or replaced by Selle San Marco within this period if the defect is not due to negligence, improper use or incorrect installation. Selle San Marco hereby declares that the product introduced on the market has been checked and tested and is free from aesthetic imperfections marring the surface, finishes and/or overall appearance that were evident or at least identifiable at the time of purchase, or that were caused by damages during shipment or transport. The presence of any minor imperfections must be considered normal, as the product is made with artisan techniques. Failure to observe the indications specified in this manual shall void the warranty: in such case, Selle San Marco shall not be held liable for any damages to objects or harm to people that may occur. The warranty is offered solely to the original purchaser and cannot be extended to third parties. This warranty does not affect any other rights protected by national (Italian) laws regarding consumer goods, which the customer is always entitled to assert.


The seatpost can affect the saddle’s structural resistance. The use of unsuitable seatposts can cause the saddle to malfunction and can lead to accidents and personal injury. For this reason, the product has been tested in accordance with the relevant sector regulations. Please check that your seatpost is compatible with the information given in Figure 2. The seatpost must be used according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Moreover, it is important to observe the recommended torque values, as exceeding the defined values may jeopardise the safety and reliability of the saddle.



Comply with the torque values indicated by the seatpost manufacturers and, nonetheless, avoid exceeding 8 Nm for carbon rails and 15 Nm for metal rails. Proper tightening of the saddle will prevent the latter from moving. Carry out periodic checks and make sure that the saddle adjustment mechanism continues to remain tightened.

The seatpost tightening system must not have any sharp edges, as this may reduce the useful life of the product or cause the saddle to break prematurely (Fig. 3). Before mounting the saddle, make sure that the seatpost housings comply with the dimensions and shape of the rail as shown in Fig. 4. Any horizontal adjustment of the saddle must be within the limits marked on the rail (Fig. 5). The saddle’s forward or backward movement beyond these limits will cause it to break.



If the saddle is used intensively, its position may considerably alter both the efficiency and the mechanics of the pedalling action. Incorrect saddle positioning can lead to musculoskeletal disorders and injury to tendons. Correct saddle positioning requires care and attention: should you have any difficulties, please contact your trusted dealer or qualified specialists.



Our products are tested and guaranteed according to UNI EN ISO 4210.

Full carbon saddles are tested and guaranteed for a maximum load of up to 90 kg, as expressly indicated in the specific coupon.



Buy from our online store and you’ll get an extended 3 year warranty. Completely free of charge. To start your warranty application, visit our ‘Contact Us’ page.




Selle San Marco guarantees the useful life of the product only when the latter is used and maintained properly. A longer or shorter useful life may depend on the frequency of use, weather conditions, road surface quality, and the user’s weight and cycling habits. The product may get damaged in the event of accidental falls, knocks and impacts, or excessive use over time. Check that there are no cracks, warping, signs of wear and tear or breakage affecting structural parts; should these appear, replace the product immediately. For safety reasons, Selle San Marco recommends replacing the product after 10 years whenever there are evident or supposed signs of structural deterioration.


To remove dirt and sweat from the saddle, we recommend using a soft cloth dampened with water and a little mild soap. The saddle must not be washed using direct water jets. Leave to dry in the open but away from direct sunlight. Do not use degreasers, diesel, petrol, detergents or solvents to clean the saddle. The use of products such as oils and creams may jeopardise the lining’s durability or cause it to wear prematurely. Direct and prolonged exposure to UV rays causes the product to age prematurely. Moderate colour alterations or slight fading of certain logos/wording are to be regarded as normal processes and are not covered by the warranty. The product may sometimes be noisy due to incorrect fitting or dirt trapped in the areas between the saddle and seatpost. In such case, check that the saddle has been correctly fitted and is free of dirt. If the noise persists, apply some silicone lubricant on the rail/saddle and rail/seatpost joining zones. Please bear in mind that noise is not covered by the warranty.