The Battle of the Hoggenberg at the East London Velo Spring Series

The Battle of the Hoggenberg at the East London Velo Spring Series

East London Velo (ELV) is a small cycling club with a strong racing heritage and a passionate belief in grassroots racing. For years our club has promoted mens and womens criterium races on what many riders consider to be the hardest and best road racing circuit in the UK, lovingly referred to as “Hog Hill” at the Redbridge Cycling Centre in East London.


This 2km circuit is known and respected for The Hoggenberg, its 200m 6% climb to the finish line which after the 2nd or 3rd lap of 20 in a typical crit, begins to enforce honesty in the bunch. By the end of the race, every rider will have been tested to the limit.


Even Giro d’Italia winner Tao Geoghegan-Hart once famously told about his troubled first encounter here: 


“I did my first ever race at the Hog Hill Under-14 London Champs and I was second to last”

The ELV race series at Hog Hill is a well-known and long running fixture in the Greater London race calendar.  


For riders who have been doing the winter work sat on the turbo trainer or on cold rides and commutes, our Spring Series coming in April is the time to shift gears, get the race kit and best wheels out, prepare their game face and put themselves to the first true test of the year. These are the early season races to get riders ready for everything 2023 will throw at them.

East London Velo is a not-for-profit cycling club and our race series are organised through volunteer efforts by our club members.  We host the series to create opportunities for grassroots racing for men and women.


East London Velo members ride and race across a wide variety of disciplines and, with a wealth of knowledge and racing experience among our membership, we love to guide and encourage riders looking to get into racing or simply boost their fitness and ride more.