Iconic style, reinvented.
Your new gravel and bikepacking saddle
The Regal Short introduces a new era of flexibility with its groundbreaking Bow Rail System that transforms the world of off-road cycling.

N42°26'29.3" E13°33'34.6"

The Bow Rail System

Transforming the world
of off-road cycling

The new Regal Short embraces versatility and adaptability with the Bow Rail System that delivers unbeatable performance on rides across gravel paths and rough tracks. 
By incorporating shock absorbers into the design, the Regal Short brings so much more shell flexibility than saddles with traditional rail systems.

More shell flexibility

The Bow Rail System makes the Regal Short much more flexible than traditional saddles as the shape of the rails allows the shell to pivot around them. As your body moves, the shell reacts and moves with you, even when you apply a lot of force. This is suspension in your saddle, where vibrations from the ground are dampened without impacting performance.

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40 Years of Regal
Celebrating 40 years since the first ever Regal, the Regal Short is the perfect blend of history and innovation for adventurous off-road cyclists.
in four finishes.
Choose from our Open-Fit or Full-Fit design and lightweight carbon rails or strong manganese rails: each seamlessly working with your body when your adventures take you down the road less travelled.