Regal Short Dynamic

A classic reinvented with the innovative Bow Rail System for off-road adventures. This is the new Regal Short Open-Fit.

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1 Year Extra-Warranty


*70% discount voucher on the same product if accidentally broken within the first week.


*35% discount voucher on the same product or subsequent version if damaged or broken during the first 3 years (2 commutings).

Made using a patented design, the Bow Rail System is fixed to the saddle's rearmost part, allowing the shell to be flexible and work with your body while on rough gravel rides and long bikepacking trips. Adding shock absorbers allows the Regal Short to flex much more than traditional saddles. 40 years on from its first introduction, and finished with manganese rails and an Open-Fit design, the Regal Short is yet again one of the most innovative saddles on the market.

Technical Specifications

Weight S3 280 g - L3 292 g
Dimensions S3 140 x 255 mm - L3 165 x 255 mm
Rail Manganese
Intended use Gravel & Bikepacking

Materials and Shapes

High-tech hollow ChroMoly rails (outer Ø 7 mm - inner Ø 4 mm) + external painting, light and resistant. All Dynamic saddles have Manganese Rails.

Techno-polymer: engineering polymer with high physical and mechanical characteristics (rigidity, toughness, ductility) that allow it cope with static and dynamic loads and ageing.

Created to give the texture and feel of fabric but with the classic comfort of a traditional cover. Texfeel is easy to clean, nice to touch, and keeps your saddle looking its best for longer.

Low density foam with variable thickness structure that follows the movements of the pelvis when pedaling, for guaranteed comfort, long lasting resistance and ideal support.

A new rails construction for your rides
Bow Rail System
The new Regal Short embraces versatility and adaptability with the Bow Rail System that delivers unbeatable performance on rides across gravel paths and rough tracks. By incorporating shock absorbers into the design, the Regal Short brings so much more shell flexibility than saddles with traditional rail systems.
A higher level of shock absorption
More shell flexibility
The Bow Rail System makes the Regal Short much more flexible than traditional saddles as the shape of the rails allows the shell to pivot around them. As your body moves, the shell reacts and moves with you, even when you apply a lot of force. This is suspension in your saddle, where vibrations from the ground are dampened without impacting performance.
Regal Short Dynamic|L3,Black

Regal Short Dynamic

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