The 3 comfort tips you should consider before setting off on your bike

The 3 comfort tips you should consider before setting off on your bike

Like so many cyclists, we’ve been bikepacking long before it had a name. Rather than being defined by a particular wheelsize or style of rider, bikepacking is defined by its spirit – adventure. Since the early days of cycling, we’ve been exploring what’s possible on a bike to see what’s over the next ridge and see what’s down the gravel road. And thanks to this extensive experience, we know well that comfort is a fundamental aspect of a long journey. So here are the 3 essential things every cyclist should think about before getting on the saddle.


Tip #1: choose the right saddle


All touchpoints need to be considered when planning a bikepacking trip. First and foremost, you need to mount the correct saddle. The rise of bikepacking has caused a change in the cycling industry with the need for lightweight yet durable components in greater demand than ever before. That's why we've designed and developed a saddle perfectly suited to the needs of bikepacking: Regal Short.


A true icon for Selle San Marco, first made back in 1983, and now reinvented with the Bow Rail System. What is it? This is a brilliantly clever design that lets the shell be more flexible and work with your body as you power down rough gravel roads and tackle off-road climbs. The shape of the rails allows the shell to pivot around them helping to dampen vibrations from the ground. It’s like suspension in your saddle.


An excellent choice if you're embarking on a long journey for the first time because comfort is guaranteed.


Tip #2: Add even more comfort (if needed)


Sometimes rough trails need an extra bit of help to make them more comfortable to ride. Depending on your body and riding style too, a saddle for bikepacking often isn't enough, and you might seek additional padding. In that case, a Supercomfort range of saddles fights ruggedness with comfort by using Biofoam Plus padding with gel inserts. Not only is this material thicker, but it also has variable density, letting it deliver precise support that holds you in the right posture for all-day comfort.


It'll be like traveling on a cushion and could be the choice that makes your journey better. Invest more time beforehand in finding the ideal saddle, even with extra padding, to enjoy the journey worry-free afterward.


Tip #3: Dampen vibrations on the handlebar too


Once the right saddle has been fitted, bar tape should be next on your list. Vibrations from gravel roads and unpaved sections can cause fatigue earlier than expected and even pain if you’re not used to the terrain.

While other bar tapes are often 2.5mm thick, the Presa Corsa Comfort is almost double that at 4.5mm. This extra thickness helps to absorb feedback from the ground and softens it before reaching your hands. Many riders also feel like they’re in more control on off-road descents than they are with standard road bar tape.


Extra tip: keep updated with the Selle San Marco Magazine for new tips!


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