Shortfit 2.0 Supercomfort Racing

Designed for long rides, the Shortfit 2.0 Supercomfort Racing, with Xsilite rails, always deliver comfort and style.

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Focusing on delivering supreme comfort, the Shortfit 2.0 Supercomfort Open-Fit Racing is the saddle of choice for people who spend long days on the bike and riders who like gravel trails. This Racing version has strategically placed layers of Biofoam and gel that brings comfort in the harshest of conditions. Lightweight and ergonomically designed with Xsilite rails, its wave shape allows your body to move naturally, while the Open-Fit relieves pressure on the perineum. Ride in style with the Shortfit 2.0 Supercomfort Racing.

Technical Specifications

Weight S3 260 g - L3 265 g
Dimensions S3 140 x 255 mm - L3 155 x 255 mm
Rail Xsilite
Intended use Gravel & Bikepacking, Road, E-bike

Materials and Shapes

AiSi304 Stainless Steel hollow rails (outer Ø 7 mm - inner Ø 5 mm ) Very Light, resistant, and tough against all weather condition. A special production process guarantees excellent fatigue resistance. All Racing level saddles have a Xsilite Rails.

Improved, thicker padding (Biofoam Plus) featuring variable density to better guarantee a comfortable posture while riding. The central opening has been increased to lend maximum relief from perineal pressure while at the same time maintaining a sufficient area of support. Suitable for E-Bikes.

High-performance nylon, enhanced with carbon fibres, built with variable thickness, reinforcements by ribs and bridges, which enhance the rigidity with ergonomy and durability characteristics, without affecting weight to the shell.

Microfiber material, abrasion resistant, weather resistant, perspirant. Great touch and feel. Long lasting and durable. Easy to wash & clean.

Biodynamic low density foam with variable thickness structure that follows the movements of the pelvis when pedalling, for guaranteed comfort, light weight, long lasting resistance and ideal support.

Hight density Silicon Gel structure that provide the best comfort to the pelvis bones when pedalling, for guaranteed comfort and ideal support, absorbing all road vibrations.

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Shortfit 2.0 Supercomfort Racing

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