Shortfit 2.0 Sport

Find greater comfort and support on road rides with Shortfit 2.0 Sport.

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The value-focused and feature-packed Shortfit 2.0 Sport is the ideal finish for any road bike. The Shortfit design gives you a greater range of movement and Carbon Steel rails improve performance, letting you tackle steep climbs or power through sprints. Ride in comfort thanks to the Open-Fit cut-out that distributes your weight evenly and relieves perineum pressure, while the wave-shaped profile of the Shortfit 2.0 Sport provides pelvis support all day long.

Technical Specifications

Weight S3 315 g - L3 320 g
Dimensions S3 140 x 255 mm - L3 155 x 255 mm
Rail Carbon Steel
Intended use Road

Materials and Shapes

C45 “Reinforced” full steel frame (diameter 07mm) with external paint, light and resistant. All Sport saddles have Carbon Steel Rails.

Techno-polymer: engineering polymer with high physical and mechanical characteristics (rigidity, toughness, ductility) that allow it cope with static and dynamic loads and ageing.

Silk-soft-touch surface finish, bi-elastic strut material, waterproof and with good abrasive resistance. Easy to wash & clean.

Low density foam with variable thickness structure that follows the movements of the pelvis when pedaling, for guaranteed comfort, long lasting resistance and ideal support.

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Shortfit 2.0 Sport

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