Shortfit Superleggera

There is no padded saddle lighter than the Shortfit Superleggera. Made for the most demanding cyclists.

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1 Year Extra-Warranty


*70% discount voucher on the same product if accidentally broken within the first week.


*35% discount voucher on the same product or subsequent version if damaged or broken during the first 3 years (2 commutings).

The Shortfit Superleggera is one of the lightest padded saddles on the market - all the comfort, none of the excess weight. The Shortfit design gives you a greater range of movement and performance, letting you tackle steep climbs or power through sprints. Ride in comfort thanks to the Open-Fit cut-out that distributes your weight evenly and relieves perineum pressure, while the wave-shaped profile of the Shortfit Superleggera provides pelvis support all day long.

Technical Specifications

Weight L3 125 g
Dimensions L3 144 x 250 mm
Rail Carbon DNA
Intended use Road

Materials and Shapes

Superlight full carbon fiber rails with oval section (9,8 mm x 7 mm) with PATENTED DNA (Dynamic Node Action) technology which prevents twisting and keeps the front of the saddle narrow for great pedalling freedom. It makes the Carbon fiber rails even stiffer and, give to the central geometry a longer section to ensure more extensive saddle adjustment. This Rails is used on Superleggera and Carbon FX saddles. An adaptor might be required with some seat posts.

Handmade with the best high quality modulus unidirectional carbon fiber material, linked to engineering research on shape and structure that guarantee uncompromising lightness and performances. The synthesis of years of experience, research and excellent craftsmanship.

Special lowered thickness treatment microfiber material, abrasion resistant, weather resistant, perspirant. Great touch and feel. Long lasting and durable. Easy to wash & clean.

HI performance, Ultra-light innovative material with variable thickness and exceptional shape memory. Unmatched energy return. Stability vs low/high temperatures. Biocompatible.

Shortfit Superleggera Wide|L3,Black

Shortfit Superleggera

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