Aspide Dynamic

Incredible road performance with Maganese rails, the Aspide Dynamic is the go-to all-rounder in the range.

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No other saddle has perfected the balance of comfort and performance like the Aspide Dynamic. Satisfying the most demanding of road cyclists from the very first ride, the Maganese rails ensure optimal performance every time. The meticulous details of the waved-shaped saddle and the comfortable Open-Fit cut-out is the ideal combination of support and relief - it never fails to amaze.

Technical Specifications

Weight S2 210 g – L2 215 g
Dimensions S2 132 x 277 mm – L2 142 x 277 mm
Rail Manganese
Intended use Road

Materials and Shapes

High-tech hollow ChroMoly rails (outer Ø 7 mm - inner Ø 4 mm) + external painting, light and resistant. All Dynamic saddles have Manganese Rails.

High-performance nylon, enhanced with carbon fibres, built with variable thickness, reinforcements by ribs and bridges, which enhance the rigidity with ergonomy and durability characteristics, without affecting weight to the shell.

Microfiber material, abrasion resistant, weather resistant, perspirant. Great touch and feel. Long lasting and durable. Easy to wash & clean.

Biodynamic low density foam with variable thickness structure that follows the movements of the pelvis when pedalling, for guaranteed comfort, light weight, long lasting resistance and ideal support.

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Aspide Dynamic

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