Aspide Short Dynamic

Comfort, versatility and performance - the Aspide Short Dynamic, with Manganese rails, is already a modern classic.

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1 Year Extra-Warranty


*70% discount voucher on the same product if accidentally broken within the first week.


*35% discount voucher on the same product or subsequent version if damaged or broken during the first 3 years (2 commutings).

The Aspide Short Dynamic takes the unmistakable style of the iconic Aspide and makes it even more incredible with modern features and technologies. This is a new era of the Aspide - an exposed frame and Maganese rails bring strength and style, Biofoam and Open-Fit cutout keep you comfortable and the short design gives you a greater range of movement. The Aspide Short Dynamic strikes the perfect balance between comfort, performance and fantastic value.

Technical Specifications

Weight S3 215 g – L3 220 g
Dimensions S3 139 x 250 mm – L2 155 x 250 mm
Rail Manganese
Intended use Road

Materials and Shapes

High-tech hollow ChroMoly rails (outer Ø 7 mm - inner Ø 4 mm) + external painting, light and resistant. All Dynamic saddles have Manganese Rails.

Techno-polymer: engineering polymer with high physical and mechanical characteristics (rigidity, toughness, ductility) that allow it cope with static and dynamic loads and ageing.

Silk-soft-touch surface finish, bi-elastic strut material, waterproof and with good abrasive resistance. Easy to wash & clean.

Low density foam with variable thickness structure that follows the movements of the pelvis when pedaling, for guaranteed comfort, long lasting resistance and ideal support.

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Aspide Short Dynamic

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